North Central Art Gallery


Modest steps towards unique contributions can best describe the long term vision for the North Central Art Gallery. The walls of the gallery space will be treated as amplifiers. Creativity will radiate outward to a wide variety of unexpected locations. In the same manner that a work of art flows from the mind and spirit of an artist, so shall the works from the gallery be spread like seeds into the environment to grow. Directly translated, the plan is to advance the way that people interact with and experience art. Artwork will be displayed in a wide variety of unique venues. Some showings will be temporary and a few will be permanent. The creative process need not end after a work of art is signed. The manner in which art is displayed can be equally creative, spontaneous and inspirational. The types of work encouraged are contemporary and experimental, but must always be completed by a skilled artist using high quality materials designed to last. Subject matter, message and inspiration are welcomed from uncharted waters. Unconventional application of media will be openly supported. Make a practice to overlook traditional perspectives like “thinking outside the box” and leap ahead to the realization that the box only existed as an idea. Limitations imposed by the past are quickly fading away as a new era emerges in which the rear view mirror is used less frequently. Faith and inspiration reign supreme at North Central Art Gallery. The gallery is located, as the name suggests, in North Central Phoenix. To be exact, North Central Art Gallery is proud to be in the heart of Sunnyslope. Vibrant dining options are flourishing here along with a well respected atmosphere of education where generations of students have become the bearers of knowledge and today inspire future leaders. Zoom out just a bit and this region is also known as the Southwest. The reason this is mentioned is that art created in the Southwest need not utilize traditional ingredients such as gunslingers mounted upon large mammals carefully navigating through thorny desert plants. History and environment will act as inspiration, not limitation. Collaboration is welcome. Your thoughts and dreams are heard at North Central Art Gallery. When possible, action will be taken to bring your artistic vision to reality.

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