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This charming, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is home to over 320 galleries, boutiques, restaurants and spas, and is often recognized among Denver's best amenities due to its delightful ambiance and Denver's largest collection of independently owned shops. With over 40 restaurants and cafes, Cherry Creek North is the place to be and be seen! For the savvy shopper, art lover, or 'foodie' begging for a thrill... Cherry Creek North is a must. The sixteen blocks of Cherry Creek North are located just five minutes from downtown Denver where you will find the Denver Center for Performing Arts, the Colorado History Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Denver Art Museum, Elitch Gardens (the only downtown amusement park in the country) and major league baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer teams. And, of course, the nearby 14,000 foot high Rocky Mountain playground is just 30 minutes west. We invite you into the gallery where you can, at your leisure, view the Colorado Rocky Mountain's White River National Forest, the Raggeds Wilderness Area, and the Yampa River... as well as experience the many wild places of the natural world as seen through the lens of legendary photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen.


  • Legendary wildlife and nature photographer.

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While most grumble at the idea of rising before dawn to head off to work, for Thomas Mangelsen, meeting the sunrise is a lifelong passion, which carries him to the farthest corners of the earth in search of bald eagles, polar bears, Bengal tigers, and African lions.

Tom’s love for wild animals and wild places originates from spending his childhood fishing and exploring the banks of the Platte River in Nebraska with his brothers—carrying home tadpoles, frogs, snakes, and baby birds. On hunting trips with his father, Tom spent hours in duck blinds. As he observed the waterfowl migrating through the area, he learned important lessons for his future photography—patience and understanding animal behavior.

In college, Tom continued in his love of nature, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology, and then continuing his graduate work in zoology and wildlife biology. After college, he was fascinated with photographing his early studies, birds in flight. The ensuing result was a love for wildlife and nature photography, developing into a life’s work of sharing his love for nature with others.

Embarking on that journey, Tom made his home below the Teton Range in Moose, Wyoming, and opened his first gallery in Jackson, Wyoming in 1978 featuring signed, limited edition prints. That first gallery grew over the years into thirteen galleries across the West and Midwest.

As one of the premier nature photographers in the world, Tom travels 8 months out of the year, photographing many different species all over the world. "What you see in my pictures is what I care about - the natural world, the animals with whom we share this planet. I am interested in bringing that experience into people's homes, into their personal spaces, to remind them what we have to protect and care about."

May Tom’s dedication as a conservation photographer, the information on this page, and especially the images he captures “inspire you to experience and preserve the wonders of our natural world."

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