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Since 1998, Keating Fine Art has featured regional artists of national repute.

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Conveniently located across from Whole Foods, between the Kitchen Collage and Dr. Tim Bauer.

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Keating Fine Art opened for business in old town Basalt on the first of April, 1998. After years of working for other people in the gallery business, I decided it was time to make a change. 174 Midland Avenue was the place. We enjoyed more than a decade in our first location. The mid-valley was a happy place to be.

In 2009, we moved to Aspen. Some successes were had, some lesson were learned. Aspen changed and so did we. As the kids grew, and the valley restyled, we realized it was time to reassess. Proximity to home became more important than proximity to Prada. So...

In 2015, we moved back to Basalt. We are now in our permanent location. The gallery is spacious, clean, new and bright. We are conveniently located in Willits, across from Whole Foods. The new gallery is the perfect union of a large space and a busy location. We looked hard to find a spot where we can mix family life with business. My new neighbors are my old friends. I've known most of the business owners for many years, some more than 20. With the exception of Whole Foods and Verizon, all of the businesses are local. All of the business owners work in their establishments because they want to see them prosper. We are creating futures.

Before the end of the year, the Element Hotel will be open, including a new coffee shop owned by the village Smithy Family. and all the other activities that go with it. in 2016, Mesa Luna will open in their new Willits space. Here in Basalt, we are looking forward to the future. In Aspen, we were remembering the better times of the past.

Willits is a good place to work. Its a good place to trade. Its a good place to be.

We look forward to seeing you here in our new home.

Gordon M. Keating


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842 East Valley Road
Basalt, Colorado 81621
United States

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