What are the 6 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Stolen?


Money, especially a lot of it, acts like a magnet for criminals. From time immemorial the two have been living as strange bedfellows. In the case of art, the value of these pieces can be mindboggling. Thus, it is not surprising to note that criminals devote all their energies and special skills to steal expensive paintings. Here is a brief look at the 6 most expensive paintings ever stolen.



At the top of the list is the Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius. As you know, Stradivarius violins are among the costliest violins that you can buy. They produce incredible sounds and they are also robust and able to withstand the elements and time. Only six hundred and fifty of these wonderful violins were ever produced and the ones that are around are in the possession of connoisseurs who spend a lot of money to own one. In the month of October 1955, a Stradivarius from 1727 that was worth three million dollars was stolen from the noted violinist Erica Morini from her loft in New York. Till today, no one knows where this very valuable violin is.


Van Gogh 

Vincent Van Gogh is an artist who does not need a second introduction. His fame precedes him wherever his name is uttered. His paintings are very valuable and one morning in December of 2002, in Amsterdam a daring robbery was taking place. A couple of thieves managed to enter the Van Gogh Museum from where they decamped with two very valuable paintings including the one called View of the Sea at Scheveningen. This was a painting from the period between 1882 and 1884, when Van Gogh’s painting abilities were at their peak. Even though a reward of one hundred thousand Euros has been offered, no one knows where this painting is.


Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso may be even more popular than Van Gogh and so it hardly comes as any surprise to know that thieves are after his paintings. That is exactly what happened in Paris France on a morning in May 2010. By smashing a window and compromising its lock, thieves managed to decamp with five Pablo Picasso paintings including the one called Le Pigeon aux petits pois or the Pigeon with Green Peas.


Paul Gauguin

Another famous painter whose paintings are the target of thieves is Paul Gauguin. His famous painting called Femme Devant Une Fenetre Ouverte, Dite La Fiancée was stolen in the middle of the night in the year 2012 from Rotterdam in South Holland. In spite of the fact two thieves were arrested, the whereabouts of this painting remain unknown.


Johannes Vermeer

Johannes Vermeer painted a masterpiece called The Concert. On March 18, 1990, two thieves dress as Boston police officers arrived at the location where the painting was on display and claimed there was a security threat. After getting inside, they snatched this and twelve other paintings and made off. This particular painting is valued at 200, 000, 000 dollars and remains untraced.

Finally, thieves have also managed to steal a painting by Jan Van Eyck called The Just Judges. In the month of April, 1934 this painting was stolen and the thieves left behind a message saying they had taken the painting from Germany by the treaty of Versailles. Till today, this painting has not been found.