Dale Chihuly

Glass art is a unique form of art which is ruling over the world for many years. There are so many amazing and talented glass artists who are famous worldwide. But if we talk about the leader in glass art, it is none other than Dale Chihuly. Let’s find out about him and his achievements throughout his journey. 

“Dale Chihuly” The Leader in Glass Art:

Dale Chihuly is a household name in glass art. Ask a layman to name the most famous glass artist and most of them will name Dale Chihuly. He is an American based glass sculptor and artists. His works are exceptional in the field of blown glass. His large-scale sculptures are larger than life. 

He was born in Tacoma, Washington on September 20, 1941. Chihuly lost his interest in education after the death of his father and brother. But his mother convinced him to take admission again. He then enrolled at the University of Washington in Seattle to study interior designing. But he soon lost interest in studies and went to Florence to study art. On his visit to the Middle East, he met famous architect Robert Landsman. 

After returning, he resumed his studies in University of Washington and received his graduate degree in interior designing in 1965. He received his M.S in 1967 and later on awarded an M.F.A in 1968 in glass studies. He also taught for more than ten years in the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

Due to some serious accidents, he lost his vision in left eye and affected from a dislocated shoulder. Despite the injuries, Chihuly did not get disappointed. He continued to work on unique and masterpiece designs. His structures are a bit abstract to understand. He works with ceilings, chandeliers and other objects in glass art. The quality of his work is unmatchable in the industry. 

He is an incredible artist with no comparison. He and his team jointly have earned more than $29 in glass artwork. His collections are showcased at notable places in America such as the University of Wisconsin, the Mayo Clinic, Makers Mark Distillery, Rockefeller Center and Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle Center Park. He held his exhibitions in his self-developed Chihuly Garden and Glass which are opened for public. 

He was awarded Institute of International Education Gala 2011 Fritz Redlich Alumni Award as his major achievement. He is the recipient of 12 honorary doctorates and two fellowships from the National Endowments of the Art. In the year 1999, the famous exhibition of Chihuly named as “Chihuly in the light of Jerusalem “started which was attended by more than 1 million visitors at the tower of David Museum. His largest permanent exhibit is located at Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Other renowned galleries also exhibit his masterpieces. He has a team of expert glassblowers and assistants who help him to produce remarkably unmatchable architectural glass art. His artwork is being shown in more than 200 museums around the globe. 

He is also a great human being. He keeps on donating his millions of dollars worth of glass arts to needy people and NGO’s.