May 21, 2024

technology and health

technology and health  In this era, everything depends on sophisticated technology. It allows us to get various facilities that can make our life easier.

However, the impact of technology development is not always positive.

Some are negative and can cause harm to our life.

For example, using technology makes us forget how to be a social being.

We depend only on technology to keep in touch with others.

Then, technology will bring a new crime method to our civilization.

This crime will be more sophisticated, making it difficult to control.

technology and health


An ideal condition for public health is one of the most important thing in life.

Not only the government, every sector and community itself should be helpful in improving public level of health.

Paito SGP First, people who are aware of the importance of health will help improve health levels.

They should encourage others to adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to get a good health in long term.

Then, the government should provided an adequate facilities and skilled workforce in health sector.

This two role are alse needed to have a good cooperation on the process to improve the level of public health.

In that way, people can live more comfortably and prosperously.


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